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First post in almost two years. Oops.

But! Have shiny new laptop! And plans and goals and stuff for NANO this year. Getting excited two months before, instead of my usual couple of weeks has got to count for something. That fifty thou is within my grasp...


So much hate for the movie Eragon. Terrible. Just terrible. It hurts.
Saw V for Vendetta last night. So much love.
Maya has finished Underwater Light. And apparently I am three chapters behind.

Well, there goes all hopes of me working on my cert II tonight.

Jul. 23rd, 2005

Just watched the House episode, Damned if You Do. And really, House and Wilson? So blatantly in love. There was christmas carols, and laughing, and slow motion gazes. Could it be any more obvious?

Neil Gaiman talk was great. Got three books. And apparently the Crowley/Aziraphale shippers have not gone unnoticed...
Half Blood Prince.

Neil Gaiman talk appears to have changed times again.

4-6pm signing at Gaslight books, then 7-10pm talk at the Manning Clark centre.
...and I got my tongue pierced yesterday! Is awesome, but feels so weird...


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